Friday, February 10, 2012

Check out our article on Large Up!

Click me to read an awesome article about Fisherman's Dawta by Debra Edwards on Large Up!

Conversations about where to find good Jamaican food in New York more often than not led to Brawta, only to be concluded by, “but it’s now closed.” So the foodie in me knew I had to make the trip to Fisherman’s Dawta after hearing that the much discussed grub had returned, only a mere block away from where Brawta was. “Everywhere we would go people would say, ‘what happened to Brawta?,’” Ms. Ewers says, explaining the simple rationale behind cutting her retirement short. “I love what I do,” she says. “So after careful thought Kamilah and I got together and started this venture.”

The name is an homage to her 98-year old father, a fisherman and boat builder. “Being back home in Jamaica for those two years and being around my dad and the other fishermen inspired [it],” explains Ms. Ewers, as a customer walks in. Seeing Ewers, that same customer makes the connection with Brawta, exclaiming “I am so happy I found you!”
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